TP Petroleum Distribution Corporation Terms of Use

1). Legal disclaimer
Integrated Retail Website Legal Disclaimer

The following define the terms of use of this website. Unless otherwise stated, references made to TPPD by this website refer to the corporation TP Petroleum Distribution Corporation.

2). Obligations against Customers
The information contained in this website is not exhaustive and may not be valid in certain circumstances. TPPD does not take responsibility for errors or missing information on this website (excluding misrepresentation). Any decision taken based on the information on this website is the responsibility of the customer. TPPD is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage that may arise from accessing this website or information contained therein or using such information. TPPD has unlimited rights over extra information given to TPPD except Personal Data to be processed in conformity with the Privacy Policy available on this website and customers agree that TPPD can used this non-private information in any way that it chooses. In other words, this information will be treated as non-private information.

3). Copyright Ownership of this Website
Unless otherwise stated, TPPD owns the copyright to the content and downloadable materials on this website. TPPD reserves all of its rights over these content and materials. Individuals are bound by all copyright laws and the relevant legislation in effect. The use of this website for purposes other than those indicated is strictly prohibited. This website may not be framed, and no links can be posted, except to the home page, without express consent of TPPD.

Nevertheless, individuals may enter all sections of this website and take one printed copy of each page for their personal reference.

TPPD reserves the right to make occasional changes in both the conditions and the above disclaimer. By visiting this website, the user will have approved the current conditions, so the conditions and the legal disclaimer must be checked in each visit.

4). Outbound or Inbound Links
TPPD is not responsible for the content of any website that provides links to it, or websites whose links are available on its TPPD’s website. TPPD accepts no responsibility about these websites or their links.

Links may be given to third party websites with the belief that those websites do or may include materials related to TPPD’s website. Such a link does not mean that TPPD has examined or approved the third-party website it leads to, or its content. In some cases, a link may lead to a third-party website that may have contradictory views to those on the customer’s website.

5). Governing Laws about This Website
The use of this website, the materials downloades from this website and the execution of these provisions and terms are subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Turkish courts will have jurisdiction over any dispute arising from the use of this website.

If provisions or parts thereof indicated in these provision and terms are annulled, deemed illegal or inapplicable by any authority to any extent, the relevant provision will be severed from other provisions that shall continue to remain valid and applicable to the highest degree allowed by laws.