Our Human Resources Practices
Our human resources practices are based on talent management implementations and are planned with a view to carrying out activities to increase the productivity of human resources. These activities aim to increase employee loyalty and satisfaction and cover everyone in the company regardless of function and position.

One of our basic goals is to maintain sustainability by standardizing systems and processes through infrastructure work that makes human resources practices management effective end-to-end in the company.

Workforce Planning: Workforce planning is being re-evaluated in the company with an innovative perspective in order to ensure that the organizational structure and business processes help bring out the potential of the employees. As the optimum workforce is determined, the goal is “to have the right people with the right skills at the right job at the right time and at the right cost.”

Competencies Management: Reflecting the basic strength of an organization, competencies are defined as the set of talents and skills enabling the employees to perform successfully in their delegated tasks. Competencies management aims to create the right competencies matches in the organization and increase operational efficiency.

Recruitment Management: The common feature sought for in all candidates for recruitment is to have the right personality traits matching our corporate values in addition to having the education, technical knowledge and competencies required by the position. In line with this, our recruitment process includes traineeship programs, personality inventory, competencies interviews and evaluation center implementations whereby we aim to attract talents who will hopefully carry us into the future.

Career Management: Our end-to-end integrated career management process includes the integration of our human resources system, identifying career paths and the organization of relevant training programs. Matching employees with career maps has been identified as the major success factor in attaining employee loyalty and in delivering the corporate vision.

Performance Management: The performance management system has been designed with a view to ensuring that the business targets of functions are aligned with the corporate vision and making the achievement of these targets measurable.  The right performance management system design implemented in the company effectively evaluates individual, functional and corporate targets and aims to reach the corporate vision by taking the right steps.

Succession Management: Current and future key positions in the company are identified under the scope of succession planning in order to maintain business continuity and mitigate risks that may emerge due to a labor shortage.  There is a systematic process in the company that aims to meet identified short, medium and long-term workforce needs for the key positions and management levels from among highly-performing employees that have potential. Under this process, these employees are identified, assessed and developed and plans are in place to carry out succession plans for all positions.

Development and Training Management: This is planned and implemented to include the identification of the training activities geared towards the training and development of the employees in line with human resources practices, training management, vision, mission, goals, long term plans and strategies. Starting from the time of recruitment, all defined processes aim to increase and manage employee input end-to-end.

Appreciation and Rewards: Our company implements appreciation and reward programs in order to foreground employee behavior and efforts that contribute positively to our company, to support their achievements, to make them sustainable and to increase motivation.

Human Resources Technologies: We intend to make our human resources infrastructure sustainable in order to ensure an efficient functioning of human resources practices and operational processes and to have monitoring and controls at the required levels.