Turkish Petroleum believes the human resource to be the major factor on the road to success. We have made it our principle to make use of the views of our employees, ensure effective team work and establish open communication for all levels and scales. This is essential in order to meet the demands and expectations of the dealers and the customers and to reduce errors and improve services.

In line with this, we define our human resources policy as follows;

To fully and accurately implement human resources methods such as performance assessment based on effective, fair and objective measurement, career planning, remuneration management, and suggestion award system,

To provide a creative and constructive work environment by combining all modern human resources practices with our corporate culture,

To develop the qualifications of our employees necessary for the performance of their jobs in a “high quality and efficient” way through regular superior and high-quality training activities,

To attract people who will take us to our target, who are open to continuous development and change, who create synergy, can think systematically and strategically, who are able to say “we” instead of “I” and who are equipped with “the potential to manage the future”.