Clarification Text On The Protection And Processing Of Dealer's Personal Data

As TP PETROL DAĞITIM ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (“TP” or “Company”), we show maximum sensitivity to the security of your personal data. With this awareness, we attach great importance to the proper processing and preservation of the personal data of the Dealers which are subject to the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“Law”), the secondary regulations (regulation, communiqué, circular) that have been put into effect and to be put into effect under the Law, and the binding decisions taken and to be taken by the Personal Data Protection Board. With the full understanding of this responsibility, we process your personal data as "Data Controller" as defined in the Law, as explained below and within the limits ordered by the legislation. 
1. Information on Data Controller  
In accordance with the law, TP PETROL DAĞITIM ANONİM ŞİRKETİ, registered at the Istanbul Trade Registry Directorate with the registration number 102481-5 and residing at the address “Bulgurlu Mahallesi Gürpınar Cad. No: 15/6 Üsküdar/İstanbul", is the Data Controller. 
2. Processed Personal Data 
The following personal data regarding the employees can be processed by the Company. 
Identity Data  
Contact Data  
Transaction Security  
Finance Data
In addition, identity, communication and other data not included in these headings of real person dealers and employees of dealers can be processed. 
3. Purposes of Processing Personal Data
The purposes of data processing within the scope of personal data processing activities carried out by TP are as follows:
Fulfillment of obligations arising from the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698,
Execution of emergency management processes,
Execution of information security processes,
Execution and supervision of business activities,
Retention of information that TP is obliged to keep in accordance with the specifications and legislation,
Notifications to be made to judicial and administrative authorities are made within the legal and administrative period and recorded in databases related to them,
In order to carry out activities before the third parties with whom the company has commercial and legal relations,
Procuring products and/or services from suppliers, service providers and/or establishing and performing legal and/or commercial relations in this regard, 
providing products / services to customers and establishing and performing legal and / or commercial relations,
Recording identity, address and contact information in order to determine the owner and addressee of the application, work and transaction to be made within the scope of the contracts to which TP is a party,
Arrangement of information and documents that will be the basis for works and transactions to be carried out on paper or electronically
conducting business development activities
it is processed in accordance with the law and the rules of honesty within the limits specified in the Law for its purposes and in a manner that is always connected, limited and measured for these purposes. 
4. Personal Data Collection Methods and Legal Reasons 
Your personal data; It is collected in oral, writing or electronically by our company and real or legal persons authorized by the Company, by means of automatic and non-automatic methods such as T Mobil, TP Dealer Portal e-mail, telephone, website, various contracts, documents kept in paper form and minutes. Your personal data is being processed based on legal reasons under; within the scope of paragraph 1 of Article 5 of the Law and subparagraphs 2/a-c-ç-e-f “ expressly prescribed by law ”, “it is necessary to process the personal data of the parties to the contract, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract ”, “Obligatory for the data controller to fulfill its legal obligation”, “data processing is mandatory for the establishment, exercise or protection of a right” ve “legitimate interests of the Company, provided that it does not harm your fundamental rights and freedoms” and Article 6 paragraf 3.
5. Transfer of Personal Data
Your personal data is transferred to legally authorized public institutions and organizations and private legal persons, the Company's outsourced service providers, the Company's customers, group companies, business partners, shareholders, and attorney(s) to whom the Company has given power of attorney when necessary. within the scope of data security measures in accordance with the conditions specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law, for the purposes listed above. 
6. Rights of Data Owners Under the Law 
By applying to TP at any time to exercise your right to;
Learning whether your personal data is processed, 
If your personal data has been processed, requesting information about it,
Learning the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used in accordance with the purpose, 
Knowing the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred in the country or abroad, 
Requesting correction of your personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed, 
Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article 7 of the Law, 
Requesting notification of the transactions made pursuant to subparagraphs (d) and (e) of Article 11 of the Law to third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred, 
Objecting to the emergence of a result against you by analyzing your processed data exclusively through automated systems,
Requesting the compensation of the damage in case you suffer damage due to the unlawful processing of your personal data,
You can submit your requests regarding your rights and the implementation of the Law in the following ways: By filling in the application form, which you can obtain from the workplace and on the website, with a wet signature, and sending it to the address "Bulgurlu Mahallesi Gürpınar Cad No: 15/6 Üsküdar/Istanbul" through a notary public, registered mail with return receipt or with your personal application, or by sending it after signing the application form you filled in electronically with your secure electronic signature, using your KEP address or your e-mail address already registered in the Company's data recording system to TP, if the requests within this scope are to be answered in writing, up to ten pages without charge; will respond by charging the fee determined by the Personal Data Protection Board for each page over ten pages. If the response to the application is given in a recording medium such as a CD or flash memory, the fee that may be requested by the Company will not exceed the cost of the recording medium.
In the application containing your explanations regarding the right you have as the personal data owner and you will make and request to use the above-mentioned rights; You will need to submit your special power of attorney certified by a notary public if the issue you request is clear and understandable, the issue you request is related to yourself or if you are acting on behalf of someone else. In your applications, name-surname, signature, identity number, residence or workplace address, if any; The presence of e-mail address, telephone and fax number, the subject of the request is required in accordance with the "Communiqué on the Procedures and Principles of Application to the Data Controller". Applications that do not contain the aforementioned elements will be rejected by TP.