Turkish Petroleum Commercial Fuels unit supplies products in the gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, heating oil and gas oil categories to various sectors.

Our basic goal is to help our wholesale fuel customers reduce their costs and act on a business partnership approach. We serve different fields such as construction, transportation, mining, oil exploration/production etc. in Turkey and we give professional support to our dealers to reach out to potential wholesale fuel customers more easily, understand their needs, and access to information about different sectors.

Advantages offered by Turkish Petroleum Commercial Fuels

  • We have a strong supply chain and storage potential to be able to deliver fuel to all locations in Turkey
  • We work together with our dealers, make use of their local experiences and add more value to our customers.
  • We support our wholesale dealers with our active field sales team who are experts in their field and know the needs of the market.
  • Our experienced and dynamic commercial sales team helps our business partners increase their sales and serve existing customers in the best possible way.
  • We offer flexible solutions to our customers with special pricing strategies and payment methods.
  • We offer problem-free services to our customers with specialized logistics and delivery services.