PUIS branches General Assembly meetings were held on April 22-May 20, 2017

With its headquarters in Ankara, Petroleum Products Employers' Union (PUIS)  gathers 9000 registered fuel dealers under its roof across Turkey. It recently held its General Assembly meetings in various provinces with the elected executive boards. These meetings take place every 4 years in a free environment.

The General Assembly meetings of Petroleum Products Employers’ Union (PUIS) branches organized with the purpose of creating a platform for the discussion of problems in the fuel sector and among the dealers in different provinces in Turkey on April 22-May 20, 2017 under the sponsorship of our national brand Turkish Petroleum. The meetings foregrounded a sense of unity and togetherness in the sector and brought together all participants including distributors, dealers and equipment manufacturers.

The meetings concluded that the co-presence of distributors and dealers would further strengthen the sense of unity and togetherness in the sector. The meetings were attended by PUIS General Chairman İmran Okumuş, PUIS Secretary General Güner Yenigün, PUIS Assistant Secretary General Hasan Rüştü Tutuk, PUIS Chairman of the Board of Auditors Fevzi Özçelik, branch chairpersons, distributors and many guests.

The meetings commenced with the opening remarks followed by elections for branch chairpersons and continued with visits by participants to the exhibition area. It was observed that the Turkish Petroleum stand attracted great attention from the PUIS Chairman İmran Okumuş and other officials, as well as dealer representatives.  The promotional materials distributed to the participants were very popular.

The branch general assembly meeting concluded after the announcement of the results of the elections and the appreciation speech made after the dinner reception for the participants.