Turkish Petroleum carries out the supply and sales, storage, transmission, bunkering, transportation, distribution, dealership of fuel and related businesses and transactions. We attach great importance to the quality of the products and services we provide in all of our activities and we have made it our principal to maximize customer satisfaction through the strong sales organization we have established and the after-sale audits we carry out. We have formed a self-audit structure by integrating our customer satisfaction system with our management systems and we have allowed the supporting of management targets through this system.

Turkish petroleum is aware that customer requests and suggestions about products and services can come from different customer groups. Therefore we have made it possible for customers to communicate their requests and suggestions 7/24 by using all channels (call centre, email, corporate website, fax, letter, social media, suggestion boxes). The customer is sent message indicating that their application has been received. An information pool has been created which is based on legal provisions and legislation, compliant with corporate policies, trackable, reportable, transparent and secure. Our corporation has adopted a customer-focused approach where all applications are processed and assessed impartially, fairly and in confidentiality and where processes are continuously controlled and improved.

We try hard to find solutions to the problems of our customers, applicable in the framework of legal regulations and corporate policies, and to meet the needs of the customers and protect their rights. We are open about how feedback is processed and give sufficient information to our customers employers and stakeholders. We inform them that complaints are prioritized based on their urgency. All of our activities are based on maximizing customer satisfaction and winning their trust and loyalty.

To make sure that we have permanent customer satisfaction, existing and future needs of the customers are monitored, changing expectations are measured and assessed, and continuous internal audits, regulatory and preventive activities are undertaken in order to surpass customer expectations.