Turkish Petroleum and Turkuaz Petrol employees stand shoulder to shoulder with dealers and customers in stations.

In order to meet their requirements of the age in today’s competitive fuel sector you also need to make a difference through the non-fuel service your render to the consumers.

Based on this idea and believing that business cannot be conducted only from a desk in the services sector, Turkish petroleum and to Turkuaz Petrol HQ staff rolled up their sleeves to get together with their dealers, to stand shoulder to shoulder with them on the field, to have face-to-face contact with their customers and to receive their feedback on all possible issues.

Last weekend in a number of chosen stations, all employees ranging from accountant to the sales director, from business development manager to the general manager left their desks for the field and found the opportunity to work both in the frontline and in the supermarket.

Before starting their shifts employees met with the dealers and heard their requests and suggestions. They had a chance to get to know the dealers they speak on the phone or write emails to on various matters almost on a daily basis. When it came to working on the station they first took a safety walk and got to know the station so they had the chance to see what they routinely here about sitting at their desks every day. They also had the opportunity to learn about the business in its source.

After the safety walk the team was divided into frontline and market teams. Customers who came to the station were surprised to see the HQ staff who tried their hand in such activities as window washing, car wash, and filling up tanks. Especially the customers who are not used to seeing female pump attendants in gas stations were both surprised and happy.

During their shifts the HQ staff wore reflectors with messages about safety and added a social responsibility dimension to this activity warning the drivers about safety and giving them some reminders.

This meaningful project gave the HQ staff an educative, fun and interesting experience, while dealers and customers were very happy. In fact, when asked to give feedback about this project, the common response of Turkish Petroleum and Turkuaz Petrol dealers sums it all up: “you cannot understand the person across Europe unless you empathise with them. Turkish Petroleum and Turkuaz Petrol did the right thing and instead of sitting at a desk they chose to put themselves in our shoes as well as the shoes of the station staff and properly understand them. They ran around with us the whole day, they listened to our customers. Our customers were of course very happy to receive their attention. So were we. We loved this festival-like environment in our station. We would like to thank all the HQ staff for their sensitivity and hope to see them back here.